AVENE Thermal Spring Water : Review

Posted on May 17 2016 - 10:57am by agnibanya

The entire blog-o-sphere raves about this, chants its name aloud, they call it their HG Facial spray..But is this tiny bottle all that it claims to be..

Read on to know..

AVENE Thermal Spring Water : Review

AVENE Thermal Spring Water : Review

I bought the Avene Thermal Water Spray mostly out of curiosity sometime last summer. The only one I had before Avene was MAC Fix Plus and the one I had got somewhere in between was from Za (which I don’t even want to talk about!). So well, I was having some skin breakouts due to the heat and thought of trying this since thermal spring water is supposed to soothe skin and calm irritated areas.

I got the smaller can, more handy, fits easily in a handbag and doesn’t violate airlines guidelines about carrying liquids.

I have most used this stuff indoors, either at work, or while travelling. Especially while travelling in an aircraft, this thing comes in really handy. I have always and without fail have had skin breakouts within 5-10 mins of entering an airplane and I don’t know how it happens but it does. So the last time around, I carried this thing in my handbag. The breakout happened, but I managed to control things! I carried the same 3 zits with me on my right cheek for a full 7 days trip and only when I came back did they go..Oh why??

But yes, we were talking about the Avene Thermal Spring Water, and here are some more deets on the what, why and hows of it.

What is it?

A pH balanced thermal spring water from France, with low mineral content, an ideal Ca-Mg ratio, rich in silica and trace elements.

What it does?

Hydrates skin, calms and soothes irritated skin, restores the pH balance of skin, helps improve skin texture, restores the epidermal barrier of skin.

Who can use it?

This is safe for infants, children and adults alike!

How to use?

With the fabulous spray can packaging of the product, it is fairly simple to use. Hold about 6 inches away from your face and spray. Let the droplets sit on your skin and gradually sink in.

When to use?

Any day, any time, right after a shower, before applying make-up, throughout the day, after a workout, or just about whenever you want!

My Opinion:

The Avene Thermal Spring Water not only hydrates the skin but also calms irritated skin which is the biggest reason why I like it. It might not stop my skin from breaking out but it definitely controls them from spreading further. I wouldn’t say it’s hard to live without it, but the versatility of the product makes it a great travel companion. Also, you know what to reach out for when you feel that tingly sensation under your skin right before its going to break out!

Price : Rs 550 / 50 ml, Rs 1150 / 150 ml

AVENE Thermal Spring Water : Review

AVENE Thermal Spring Water : Review

AVENE Thermal Spring Water : Review

AVENE Thermal Spring Water : Review


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  • Sramana Bhattacharyya

    Nice review…I absolutely love this one…I also like Vichy & La Roche Posay ones…these are my must-have not only in summer but throughout the year..