NewU by Dabur : Everyday essentials at affordable tags!

Posted on Sep 6 2015 - 7:16am by agnibanya

#NewU by Dabur : Everyday Beauty Essentials

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NewU has been one of my most visited stores in the last years and it is always a pleasure walking down the aisles of NewU to look for my essential beauty buys, accessories and of course the best of drugstore makeup. Nail polishes from NewU have been much raved about on and I really appreciate the efforts of the team in bringing in everyday beauty essential under their own brand. In this post I will be talking about some new stuff that the team has launched and what I think of them.

First up are these super cute marshmallow-ish looking pack of sterilized cotton balls. Now cotton balls is something I can’t imagine my evening without. Especially for someone like me who has extra sensitive skin, getting a pack of sterilized cotton balls instead of usual ones, is definitely an added advantage. Priced at Rs 75 for a pack of 50 balls, these come in a resealable pouch and are handy to travel with. This would surely last me a month easily, when used daily. Very soft on the face and cute to look at I think overall this makes for a great buy that is easy on the pocket too.

Next is this box of q-tips , that come in a plasctic jar and are priced at Rs 60 for 100 tips. Q-tips are something I never ever am without an extra box in my house, i need them so much, and all the time, and I’m glad NewU has started making some. The tips are soft, fluffy , yet firm so the cotton part doesn’t come off like it happens in case of many inexpensive varieties.

#NewU by Dabur : Everyday Beauty Essentials

Hand Sanitizer, at Rs 55 , great to pop one in my handbag all the time. No getting away without that..

#NewU by Dabur : Everyday Beauty Essentials

And yes, although I am not a huge fan of nail Polish remover pads, I am keeping this in my handbag for now. You know, just in case of those days when my polish is chipped and I have no time to change and reapply. Pull out one of these and quickly wipe away the chippy-polish in a jiffy. Rs 90/ 30 pads.

#NewU by Dabur : Everyday Beauty Essentials

Oh yes, and the polishes , how can they be left behind. My love for these cuties has been well expressed already. Check out the blog and you’ll find many alluring shades, finishes and textures to consider …

#NewU by Dabur : Everyday Beauty Essentials

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#NewU by Dabur : Everyday Beauty Essentials

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