FACES metalliglow : Review

Posted on Sep 16 2015 - 3:00am by agnibanya

Price : Rs 699 / 15 ml

FACES metalliglow : Review, Price , FOTD

A crispy winged eye-liner, a polished red lip, a suave dress befitting a princess and that little golden clutch….

Perfect?? Umm, no… we’re missing something over here..

what is that you may ask?

and I’ll tell you its the golden glow..

an UNMISTAKABLE HALO, that will make you stand out among the host of others present at the party..

And how would you get that glow? It has been a hectic day at work, meetings, deadlines, and a hoard of other activities that kept you busy, and sucked out the energy , and the color from your face.. And now you need to fake it..

That tiny golden bottle of shimmering elixir that would take away the fatigue and add charm to your face that would look OH-SO-NATURAL that no one would be able to make out, yes, not even pictures..

Meet the metalliglow from FACES Cosmetics that’s your magic in a bottle. This super blend-able liquid highlighter is all you need on your special days, and of course evenings. Sheer out the shine, or load it up , for all depends on how you want your makeup look to turn out.

A tiny drop, dabbed on to the highest points of your face, blended out with fingers, or swift strokes of a brush. Setting into a dry finish, this liquid highlighter has exceeded beyond my expectations from a product in this category. Very fairly priced, the performance of this highlighter fits the likes of high end products. It stays until your base makeup stays, and it looks great even on a hot summery day. It looks extremely natural, since the shimmer is super fine and not at all noticeable.

The bottle has a open mouth and how I wish for a pump dispenser over here, that would have certainly made this product’s packaging perfect. But given the price I pay for the quality I get, I really can’t complain.

If you don’t have it yet, go get it asap! It is available in four shades and the one that I have is shade number#3, that is perfect for my NC42 skin. If you are on the lighter side of the shade spectrum try the Rose Gold or Platinum shade. The product is versatile, so you can use it as a body highlighter too, and not to forget as an eyeshadow, or just a brow bone highlighter.

Can’t recommend enough!

Until next time,


FACES metalliglow : Review, Price , FOTD

FACES metalliglow : Review, Price , FOTD

FACES metalliglow : Review, Price , FOTD

FACES metalliglow : Review, Price , FOTD

FACES metalliglow : Review, Price , FOTD

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  • Aditi

    Keeping the strobing trend in mind,this seems like a must have in fact one of their shade is said to be a Mary lumanizer dupe too,I wonder which one tho. Loved the intro n u look pretty..nothing new in that :)

    • http://www.lovethyred.com Agnibanya Das Poddar

      It could be the rose gold or platinum shade Aditi.. thanks for the lovely comment.. mwahs!!!