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Love & Joy EDP by ALL GOOD SCENTS: Review

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My fetish for fragrances is a never ending affair and while I do have my favorite kind of scents, I always love experimenting with newer kinds of notes to see what might just work for me. Today’s review is about a scent called Love & Joy by All Good Scents.

Price: Rs 750/30 ml
Love & Joy comes housed in a vivacious yellow packaging with dainty butterflies printed on the packaging and the whole appearance of the bottle and the  outer carton have a very youthful and vibrant appeal to it.

The packaging mentions the Top Notes as Freesia, Peony and Litchi, Middle Notes Rose, Lily of Valley, magnolia and the Base Notes as White Musk, Amber, Powdery Notes.

While I could detect floral and peppery Freesia and quaint Peony, I didn’t quite feel the Litchi in the top note. The Top notes are extremely short lived and within a minute or two it sttles into the heart notes, which are very pleasant with a dominance of Lily and Magnolia and not so much of Rose. The middle notes stay for a good hour or two and it finally settles down to the Base notes in which Amber and Powdery notes are the most prominent.

Love & Joy is a very young and warm scent, the floral notes adding that soft feminine appeal while the amber adds the warm fuzziness to it. The sillage is really long, and on me it lasted an entire work day and more, with the powdery notes adding that heady  feeling towards the end of it.

Fragrances are a very personal choice and what appeals to me may not appeal to someone else and vice versa. Love & Joy performs pretty well in terms of lasting ability, however, it is the powdery notes that I couldn’t very well adapt with.

Apart from that, if you know what kind of scents you would like and are fixated on them, it’s best to read the scent descriptions before you buy some. All Good Scents has a variety of scents on their website with proper descriptions so making a fool proof choice should be fairly easy.

Love & Joy EDP by ALL GOOD SCENTS: Review

Love & Joy EDP by ALL GOOD SCENTS: Review

Love & Joy EDP by ALL GOOD SCENTS: Review


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