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DEBORAH MILANO MILANORED laque, (Rs 845/6ml), now available across DEBORAH MILANO counters.

Product Description:

With unbeatable performance and a revolutionary 4-in-1 formula, it blends the comfort of a luxury lipstick with the hydration of a lip balm, the lacquer like shine of a lip gloss, and the deep, lasting colour of a lip stain.

Ingredients include Hydra-Gel Laque DH Complex, which releases a soft, lightweight film that instantly melts into lips. The pigment-rich formula leaves full, brilliant, fade-resistant colour. Hypoallergenic* The new MilanoRed laque  lipstick has a delicate violet scent.

I have been waiting for these to launch in India ever since I saw them on Deborah Milano’s UK website and the other day while checking out some other new launches, I managed to spot these standing pretty at a DEBORAH MILANO counter at NewU. However, of the 10 shades on the Deborah Milano UK website, only 7 have been released in India..Oh dear, why brands do that…Anyway, needless to say, I jumped with joy and picked up one, though I was very much tempted to get another one too, but I have a policy of buying only one product from a range , because we are always bombarded with new launches all the time and lip colors are my biggest weakness but I can’t just go on collecting all…so you see…anyway rantings apart, let’s hop on to scanning the product, though going by looks, I can give a 10/10 to this lip color.
The DEBORAH MILANO MILANORED laque comes in a gorgeous Golden tube with a middle rim indicating the shade inside. It doesn’t have a regular rectangular or square or a round cross section, instead a diamond shaped one and has a color indicator label along with the shade number on both top and bottom. It is small and chic and will fit easily into a tiny compartment in your handbag easily.

The screw top lid, has a peculiar wand inside, the end of which is curved ,as you can see in the image below, and sits comfortably on your lips when you apply color. also, it distributes color evenly and is small enough to reach the corners of the mouth. Deborah Milano’s product innovation team has done a marvellous job here. I have never seen an applicator as efficient as this one before.
Also, the mouth of the tube is such that it wipes off extra product from the applicator when you pull it out, so you get a controlled amount of product. It has the same scent as other Deborah Milano lip colors, I can’t really describe it as the scent is very subtle, and not at all overpowering. Infact , I do like a little bit of fragrance in my lipsticks, so it is okay for me.
DEBORAH MILANO MILANORED laque #6, Purple Queen, is a  medium pigmented deep plum with purple micro shimmer that adds dollops of shine to lips without feeling gritty. On first look, it seemed quite close to MAC’s Rebel or Maybelline Lip Polish in Glam 6, however, when I swatched Rebel and this side by side, they looked quite similar in shade but poles apart in terms of the intensity of the color. 
The consistency of the product is like a gel, and it feels watery and cool when applied on to the lips. It spreads easily and is not sticky or tacky. A very comfortable formula to wear all day long. It is medium pigmented and I have to go over more than twice to get the desired intensity of color on the lips. The finish is incredibly shiny lips that are bound to catch some attention. Although, I’m past dark vampy colors as I tend to wear lighter and more neutral colors in summers, however, I can totally see myself wearing this for a lot of evening outings.
The staying time is medium, about 4+ hours, and the formula is mildly staining. However, filling up lips with a similar colored Lip Pencil may increase the staying power.. It does transfer, though not too much, but a little bit on glasses and cups. It is very hydrating, a boon for dry lips, and my lips felt soft and nourished for long after the color wore off.

Overall, the DEBORAH MILANO MILANORED laque #6 is a gorgeous deep plum shade with purple micro shimmer that adds a lot of shine to lips. The formula is water based and feels like a cooling gel on lips, absolutely perfect for summers. It is very kind on dry lips and nourishes them to feel soft and hydrated ,even after the color wears off, which is usually around 4 hrs on me. It is not exactly a summery color, but then ,when it comes to makeup, I like to make my own rules!!

Do I recommend?
Well , of course yes, the glossy shine and the cooling formula is totally apt for this season, and even if you don’t like this particular shade, there are 6 others to choose from , including a gorgeous Red, for which I have got a sample, and would be reviewing soon too. Also there’s a beautiful Pink and a pretty nude, and not to forget a bright tangy orange that I loved from this range. Do check them out.

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  • Esha

    I love your clicks Agnibanya!! :) I know what you mean, why can't they launch all the shades..the more the merrier.. 😀 😀 I'd like to check out the pink!! :)

  • Beena Bandwalkar

    I just love your FOTDs so much! btw- I want to raid your Deborah Milano and Bourjois stash. they are the only brands I haven't tried…LOL

    this shade looks so lovely on u. I like you a lot in reds and purples “D

  • Agnibanya Das Poddar

    Thank you Esha.. Yes, I would have really loved to explore more shades..It's bad when companies don't launch all's like depriving us of more fun 😉

  • Agnibanya Das Poddar

    Thankoos Bee..Bourjois and Deborah Milano are serious competitions to the regular Indian makeup brands..They do have a lot of awesome stuff in there.. I especially like Bourjois for their foundations and eye liners and Deborah Milano for the amazing lip colors…You must pick a few pieces from them whenever you're in India… 😉
    You know I just feel Reds and Purples contrast better against my skin color and neutralise the warm undertones..Maybe that's why they look better :)

  • Sharmistha Guha Chowdhury

    This is amazing, I lyk d shade. U look as usual fab. I lyk ur eotd as well.,thanks for reviewing :) <3

  • Naomi Ganzu

    OMG what a sizzling color.

  • Manasi Nanwani

    lovely lip swatches dear!!

  • Nivedita

    What a lovely product and what a lovely color!! But, I think Rimmel's Apocalips would score a point ovet this one in terms of price.
    I am so digging your makeup! Just the right amount of shimmer! I do not like flat out matte looks.

  • Agnibanya Das Poddar

    You're most welcome Sharmi…ever since your comment on Instagram, I have been just using this lip color all through the weekend to be able to test it properly before writing a review …hehehe..and I had some work going on about the house and the construction workers would look at me and make shocked whats with this lady wearing a dark lippie and doing housework…hahaha.. 'twas funny 😉

  • Agnibanya Das Poddar

    Hey Nivedita, I had tried the Rimmel Apocalips at a store once and I think the formula of these two is very different from each other..Apocalips are more creamy and kind of sit on the lips with a heavy formula, but the Deborah Milano Red laque is a gel based formula, and extremely lightweight and comfortable…Though to be able to do a proper comparision, I need to get hold of atleast one Apocalips 😉
    And thanks for the compliment on my makeup, even am loving a hint of highlight along with a little blush and contour. It's surprising how our makeup preferences change with time because just about 2 years back, I'd hate anything which would give shine to my face, but as I learnt to play with makeup, I realised how you can have more control on products and use them to your benefit :)

  • Agnibanya Das Poddar

    Yea, it's gorgeous :)

  • Agnibanya Das Poddar

    Thanks Manasi :)

  • Shalini Srivastava

    Loved it on you .. but why so expensive ??? It breaks my heart when my favorite brands insanely hike prices

  • Agnibanya Das Poddar

    hehe..I know…It's bad but I try not to count price as a con because I weigh a product on the price vs quality ratio.. But yes, it's expensive. then again, if I have to compare this vis a vis other lacquer colors in the market like the Maybelline Lip Polish or Rimmel Apocalips or even the L'Oreal Shine Caresse ones, I really feel the most comfortable on lips..Maybelline the shine caresses is comparable, and some may find those better because they stain, but the formula of Deborah Milano laque is less watery and finish is glossier :)

  • Rashi Ravi Ganguly

    I've always been a fan of Deborah Milano products, but I feel as a brand it is severely under-marketed and relatively unexplored here. This shade looks lovely on you- such dark colours make my lips look so thin :-( Will go check out the Pink one :-)

  • Agnibanya Das Poddar

    It's definitely under marketed because I really love the variety and quality of DM products..
    And because the color is so glossy, I think this might not make your lips look too thin..Just check #9's ah-may-zing!!