NewU Nail Enamel #50 Sapphire Crush : Review

Posted on Jan 31 2014 - 12:58pm by agnibanya
NewU Nail Enamel (Rs 50/5 ml) #50 Sapphire Crush is a beautiful light blue colored Nail color filled with tonnes of silver glitter particles in various sizes. The consistency of this Nail Polish is neither thick nor thin and the thin brush allows for precise application . For a glitter nail polish, it applied rather well, going opaque in a single coat, and I just add a second coat out of habit.
The formula is non-streaky,and there is no bubbling/pooling along the sides. I like to apply the polish just on it’s own because even if you’d apply a base color, it would get masked by the opacity of this nail polish.
The packaging is super simple, very ordinary,and honestly I don’t mind it! The screw top brush is quite smooth and not flimsy plastic, and it feels quite sturdy and stable.

For a nail color at this price, I’m extremely satisfied and if I may add, this has performed better than some glitter nail polishes which are 10X ย the price of this one. I have been a fan of NewU nail polishes, like, since forever, but I think this is the first one that has impressed me beyond words. It lasts easily for 3 days without chipping and more(depending upon hpw much you put your hands to use for housework!),and the only con that I can think of is that it’s always difficult to take off glitter nail polishes. The nail enamel shines like “Crushed GEMS”ย and feels like “gritty sand” but is not as expensive (If you know what I mean!!)ย 
I was certain that maybe the formulation would not be nice and these might stain my nails, but no, I was wrong…These are absolutely incredible!!ย 
I have a pretty nice collection of Nail colors from NewU ,and would be sharing a few favorite shades in the days to come. I recently managed to take advantage of 5 for Rs 200 offer on these Nail Paints,and picked up some really nice colors and textures. I think NewU has improved the formulation and perhaps that explains the price hike (these used to be for Rs 30 earlier!!), but nonetheless, I’m a really happy customer. And this is called VALUE for Money!!
Do I recommend?? Well, I don’t think I need to say anymore!! Go..Grab em all….

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    wow , never knew they existed :) would chk it out… nice post..

  • E.D.

    Superb! I haven't grown my nails in a long time but this one makes me rethink!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Agnibanya Das Poddar

    Thanks Tanmayee…I saw a light Pink one like this too..was too tempted but I chose something else over I regret ..I should have got both..

  • Agnibanya Das Poddar

    hahahaha…you want?

  • Garima Shivi

    Such super shade and loved the NOTD!
    super amazing!!!!

  • beaute desastre

    i alwyas saw these near the checkout counter but never bought. you tempt me . i want (need) these ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Revathy Hnb

    i hv never spotted this one at the New U outlet… love this shade… gotta pick this next time pucca ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Agnibanya Das Poddar

    Thanks Garima…You must pick up a few of these.

  • Agnibanya Das Poddar

    Oh you must..These NewU nail polishes are simply fabulous :)

  • Agnibanya Das Poddar

    Do you mean this particular shade?? I think these are new additions to the line..In fact,there are a lot of new additions to the nail colors line at NewU…must check out ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Rekha

    wow the finish!! I've never tried their nail paints, I am definitely gonna pick few :) btw you have beautiful nails and love the flawless application of nail paint <3 **kudos**

  • Vipra Patil

    The shade is soo Pretty :) .. Lovely Glam finish <3 .. It looks Stunning on you Nails dear :)

  • Budget Belleza

    OMG..this looks amazing…does this resemble Rimmel Disco ball?
    I'm so so getting this..

  • Poorva

    wow super amazing shade :)

  • Agnibanya Das Poddar

    OMG!! Thanks Rekha..I have short and stout nails,and with the never ending housework, I can't ever seem to grow them.. :/

  • Agnibanya Das Poddar

    It sure is Vipra, do you also get NewU nail enamels in Mumbai..maybe you should pick up a few sometime..I can imagine you rocking some of these pretty colors on your well manicured and maintained nails :)

  • Agnibanya Das Poddar

    I think Rimmel disco Ball is just a transparent coat with a few colored glitter thrown in here and there..This is far more opaque than that one :)

  • Agnibanya Das Poddar

    For sure Poorva :)