Lakme Absolute Gloss Stylists : Swatches and Pics

Posted on Jun 18 2013 - 11:44am by agnibanya
Hey everyone,

I was at a shopping mall today and some new shiny glossy things caught my eye at the Lakme Counter.
Guess what, Lakme has added some really pretty glosses in their Absolute Line and these are called LAKME ABSOLUTE GLOSS STYLISTS. I decided to get some swatches for you all. So here they are…

Priced at a whopping INR 700 for 5 ml of product.

I saw six shades at the counter (Coral Sunset, Rust Crush, Neon Pink, Pink Pout, Burgundy Burn and Berry Cherry)and all of these are super bright. I really wish there was a neutral/nude shade but guess for now we’ll have to be content with just what it is there. These are very well pigmented but not really sticky so I think I’m going to like them.

The packaging is strikingly similar to Chambor Glitzy Glosses but I so love the shiny cap of these even though they catch fingerprints. These are absolutely gorgeous looking kids. Oh yes, and all of these are one single swipe, so you know how pigmented these are :)

I also got one for myself, hope to review it soon :)


P.S.: there are also some new nail Lacquers , a la fatty colorbar bottle style priced at 400, and new 9 to 5 range of nail colors and lip colors. I’m really happy with the way Lakme is adding variety to their line but a little disappointed by it’s pricing.

P.P.S.: I’m also testing the Lakme Youth Infinity range of Day and Night cremes. Loving them so far. Got to review in a few weeks .

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  • Poo Jain

    Loved the pink pout and Neon pink but these are shimmery whcih I really dont prefer..
    Waise Lakme is turning to Colorbar in terms of pricess…:-|
    which one did you got!!!??

  • Agnibanya Das Poddar

    Poonam I got Burgundy Burn…Only Coral sunset and Pink Pout are non shimmery, rest four are shimmery, and the shimmer is really fine on the lips, barely visible :)

  • Tanmayee

    hmm delicious :)

  • Agnibanya Das Poddar

    they sure are :)

  • Parita

    whats wrong with lakme? way too expensive! but i do love burgundy burn..looks different :)

  • Agnibanya Das Poddar

    Something's definitely wrong there…Burgundy Burn is a nice shade though , I also liked Rust Crush but not unique , but I'm sure people with lighter skins will love Neon Pink and Pink Pout and Coral Sunset, which looked totally orange to me….Anyway, the choice of shades are fab, they could've just put one creamy neutral brown there to complete the set though :0

  • Richa Saxena

    I am loving the shades but way too expensive…I had rather indulge in MAC…

  • Agnibanya Das Poddar

    True that Richa, and for the exact same reason, I never buy L'Oreal Lipsticks, and now Bourjois as well …
    Only this time, Lakme nailed it with the fabulous shades and good pigmentation :)

  • Nids

    looks pretty good… but wht about the price.. y so high always Lakme ??? :/

  • E.D.

    lovely colors!!! I feel tempted 😛

  • Ritu

    ohhh..these look cool! not a gloss girl, but I like Berry Cherry and Burgundy Burn…. 😀

  • Poorva

    i saw the second pic and i was so impressed, felt like getting all 😛 n then read the line beow that pic :( 700!!!!! way too much for a gloss! :(

  • Bhumika

    Cherry and Burgundy look nice..but 700 😮

  • Agnibanya Das Poddar

    I am thinking the same thing Nids and so is everyone else…I always knew Lakme was a reliable and pocket friendly brand , I think it's on an identity crisis :/

  • Agnibanya Das Poddar

    no temptation for you, save your monies 😉

  • Agnibanya Das Poddar

    Yes, they were perhaps the most pigmented ones too… :)
    I got Burgundy Burn :)

  • Agnibanya Das Poddar

    hahaha….Even I was shocked Poorva, confirmed thrice …lol..The SA was thinking perhaps I was crazy, but thankfully he let me take piccys 😀

  • Agnibanya Das Poddar

    I know :(


    beautiful swatches dear 😀 😀 the priceeeeee :( :(

  • Agnibanya Das Poddar

    Lakme' sometimes goes bonkers with the price tags :/