Inglot Matte lipstick #408 – Review/FOTD

Posted on Apr 4 2013 - 5:57am by agnibanya
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For a Red Lipstick lover like me, Ruby Woo is the ultimate thing to have in your lipstick stash, but what does one do, when it’s not in stock for the longest time ever?? We go out to find dupes,right?? But is it easy,you ask me? Well, yes, if you’re only looking for the color, but a BIG NO if you’re looking for that vibrant Red with the mattest of matte finish, next to impossible…. But I did find one, atleast that’s how it looks to my eyes, and believe me ,with the number of lipsticks that I have, and the amount of research I do (yes, I research on lipstciks , haha!! )I’m quite seasoned at that…
Cynthia’s post on Ruby Woo dupes HERE made me check out most of those shades , except for the MUFE one because I don’t have access to the brand here. However when I was checking out the Inglot Lip Pencil, I thought let me try something from the matte lipsticks range and that’s how I got the Inglot Matte Lipstick #408.

Inglot Matte Lipstick #408 (INR 680/4.5 g) is a gorgeous cool toned Red which is slightly cooler than the Bourjois Lip Pencil #20 Rouge Soyeux ,which Cynthia had mentioned to be the closest to Ruby Woo. The matte finish lipsticks from Inglot have a slightly dry and stiff texture as compared to the regular lipsticks. They tug and pull on your lips if you don’t prime with a balm underneath and more so during winters. However , these days, I’m finding it pretty comfortable and smooth to apply. 
The best part about this lipstick is the ultra -matte formula which works great for a shade like this but I’m not sure if this same formula would look good on the other shades from this range, like Peaches and Oranges, but its only a matter of preference  The lipstick is immensely long staying. It takes about 15-20 minutes ,post application,after which it just sets and sticks to your lips for the longest nights of partying and eating and drinking. It needs to be removed with a makeup remover, and then again it leaves a gorgeous stain behind which is equally tough to take off. It will not feather,bleed or move around no matter how hot it is or how much are you eating. Also, unlike many matte lipsticks, this really does not leave chapped lips behind, and so I give it a 100 extra brownie points for that part! :)
A comparative swatch with few of my other favorite reds !

The packaging is a simple, sturdy and solid square black casing which is very travel friendly and no-nonsense kinds.The shade number is mentioned at the bottom, so you will have to remember which is which in case you have a lot of them. The Ingredients list is mentioned on the outer carton.It’s the perfect Red lipstick and it’s almost hard to find a flaw except the dry and stiff texture in winters, yet again  you can apply a lip balm underneath and blot extra and then apply this lipstick and it will give you a astounding performance.

Repurchase? You bet! 

Will post a comparative swatch with Ruby Woo and update this post when I get mine, which is going to be pretty soon , I tell ya!!
Available online HERE 
Till next time!!
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  • Smitha

    wow..lovely shade…awesome FOTD Agnibanya!!!

  • Agnibanya Das Poddar

    Thanks Smitha :)


    You look really hott…. :) but I guess Ruby Woo is more matte and neon..

  • Sukanya

    haven't tried ruby woo ever! cause kolkata mac is like forever out of stock on that ! Looks glam on you. I prefer muixing russian red n vivia glam 1.. 😛 :)

  • Parita

    stunning FOTD! red's are so made for you!

  • Rhea

    amazing FOTD!

  • Heena Vcb

    Oh My! You Look Wow!

    And, I'm Trying This Shade Next Time When I'm In The Store

  • DrPoisonIvyBeautyBlog

    love the lip color and your wavy hair <3

  • Agnibanya Das Poddar

    Thanks Tanmayee…Maybe what you're saying is right..will post comparative swatches when I get my Ruby Woo :)

  • Agnibanya Das Poddar

    You must try Ruby Woo Sukanya..Its the most gorgeous Red lip color ever :)

  • Agnibanya Das Poddar

    Thank you Parita :)

  • Agnibanya Das Poddar

    Thanks Rhea, if you're fond of Inglot, then you must try this lip color…Its amazing! :)

  • Agnibanya Das Poddar

    Thanks Heena! :)
    yea, you must..Its beautiful ! :)

  • Agnibanya Das Poddar

    Thanks Awungshi…My hair is naturally very straight though..That day I tried blow drying with twisted strands, guess I should try this more often :)

  • Mansi

    Whoah! Never read that detailed a review for a lipstick 😉 The closest I got to a matte read lipper was Sportsgirl (Bombshell Red) from Sydney ($20 on discount :) …I guess its an Australian brand… had been looking for a matte red for a long time…


  • Agnibanya Das Poddar

    Hey Mansi, you can try this one from Inglot, its RED and its MATTE, the texture is much like Ruby Woo(MAC) which is supposed to be the classic (retro)matte red ..