Ombre Lips- my style…

Posted on Sep 27 2012 - 12:15pm by agnibanya
Hey everyone,

Ombre lips are a rage this season and being a makeup-a-holic I have been wanting to try these for a really long time now….Ombre means a color effect graduating from light to dark…It can be two toned or multiple toned.

Somehow, I squeezed out some time this afternoon and tried these two variations. Hope you like them. Don’t forget to let me know in the comments below.

Have great evening everyone!!!


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  • Shourima Ghosh

    ohhhh mamamia! hot!

  • Agnibanya

    hehe..Thank you Shourima.. :))

  • Jyotirupa Mishra

    Wow! You have it so beautifully Agni. I love the second one better but the 1st one is so wearable. :)

  • Agnibanya

    ya Jyo, second one I liked more too…But unless you have lipstick sealant, you can't wear them out..they start blending into each other after a while..Like you said, first one is easier to carry off :))

  • Preetha Karthik

    oh my gawddd..these r simply awesome Agni..tute chahiye..


    awesome Agni ! you r talented!

  • Nids

    OMG… this looks soo kewl… how did u ddo this.. Tut plz 😛 😉

  • Sophia Jerald

    Its soooo awesome!!!!!!

  • Agnibanya

    Thanks Pree…It took me a lot of time to get it like this and I was still not satisfied..Will try to do a tutorial soon :))

  • Agnibanya

    Thank you so much Tanu..I am honored :))

  • Agnibanya

    Will try to do a tutorial Nids ..So glad you liked it!!

  • Agnibanya

    Thank you Sophia! :)) you girls are making me feel like the effort was worth it!! :)

  • Zestful Uzma

    OMG Agni, just stumbled upon your blog & totally love reading the posts! The lippie posts are my favourite! I'm gonna be bugging you with queries soon hee hee :))

  • Agnibanya

    Thanks for the kind words Uzma….whatever queries,questions and suggestions you may have, please feel free to mail me , I'd be glad to answer them for you :))